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Monday, 6 August 2012

Ships over the Martian sky....

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Curiosity [3] has landed in Gale crater, within sight of Mount Sharp. Pictures are already coming down, and the talk about the skycrane [1] landing method has changes from " Um... are we really gonna do this?" to "Well, of course it worked, never had any doubts".

Image above: A first light image from Curiosity. Courtesy of JPL/NASA.

But there is one image I feel like I have to post* - I'm going to refrain from a major post until the Curiosity team have got their bearings, and maybe given a preliminary geologic assesment of the area they're in - but:

Image above: Curiosity, inside it's protective shell, parachuting onto the Martian surface. Image courtesy of JPL.

This shot was taken by the orbiting MRO spaceship [2], as Curiosity parachuted to the surface. Bear in mind, there's no real time, adjust it as you go, controlling of a robot ship near Mars: This was all pre-programmed in, and then the team crossed their fingers and went "!" .

*Yes, I've posted two.

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