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Thursday 25 December 2014

Happy Christmas everyone - on planet Earth and off it!


Christmas? It's a chance to celebrate everything good in the universe, regardless of race, colour, religion, culture, or any other divide. It's a chance to cultivate some hope when times are dark. I'm going to be peeling vegetables for Christmas dinner, while my better half cooks (I will also be doing the washing up), so I need a simple way of showing what makes me feel most like celebrating...  videos of the most awesome stuff in the known universe should do it....

Our home planet, seen from space:

Courtesy of ESA/NASA.

This man and his new arms:
Courtesy of John Hopkins University.

A tour of the International Space Station, humanity's outpost in space:

Courtesy of ESA/NASA

The Perseid meteor shower, a cloud of tiny space rocks our planet flies through every year:

Courtesy of Jeff Sullivan.

Following the Opportunity robot on its decades long trek across the Martian desert:

Courtesy of NASA.

The Aurora, caused when solar storms hit Earth:

Courtesy of Alaska News 

The Sun, in 3 minutes:

Courtesy of NASA. 

 ....and the extended Avengers 2 trailer. Now if only they'd do that Dr Who crossover I keep asking for.....

 Courtesy of Marvel.

Lastly, Something not so spectacular but fascinating if you have the time: A bit more on the findings (so far) of the Rosetta mission:

Courtesy of SETI.

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