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Saturday 1 May 2021

This week in space: NASA goes all in on SpaceX and the Moon, Russia and China look to a research base there, NASA plans a mission to 1000 AU and loads more...

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China launches Tianhe module, start of ambitious two-year station construction effort -

Space junk map tracks 200 ‘ticking time bombs’ - BBC News

Arianespace launches Vega's return to flight with rideshare mission -

Starlink v1.0 L24 launches as SpaceX receives permission for Starlink modifications -

NROL-82 | Delta IV Heavy | Everyday Astronaut | Post Launch Review

NASA is now Planning a Mission to go 1,000 AU From the Sun, Deep Into Interstellar Space - Universe Today

Reading material:

Virgin Selected to Bring Orbital Launch Capabilities to Brazil (

Russia to select actress for Soyuz mission in May - SpaceNews

Op-ed | Competition delivers the goods and the crew for all NASA commercial space services - SpaceNews

Intuitive Machines’ first lunar lander mission slips to 2022 - SpaceNews

China, Russia open moon base project to international partners, early details emerge - SpaceNews

Mystery solved? Heat-trapping clouds may explain ancient Mars' rivers and lakes | Space

Strange crater suggests ancient Mars may have been frigid with occasional snowmelt | Space

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