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Friday 14 May 2021

This week in space: A probe that can hunt down interstellar asteroids, a radio telescope on the Moon, SN15's effect on the space industry and loads more....

 Pick o' the podcasts:

From the video store:

NASA is Getting Serious About a Radio Telescope on the Moon - Universe Today

Mars from space: 

Earth from space:



Reading material:

Scientists find liquid water inside a meteorite, revealing clues about the early solar system | Space

Abundant harvest in Antarctic greenhouse shows promise for moon agriculture | Space

Blue Origin Will Finally Fly Passengers to the Edge of Space in July - Universe Today

Rocket Lab suffers failure - recovers Electron booster from ocean a second time.

Never-ending detonations could blast hypersonic craft into space | Space

Starlink and OneWeb Have Their First Avoidance Maneuver With Each Other's Constellations - Universe Today

A longstanding Venus mystery has been cracked by a NASA sun probe | Space

Nasa releases astounding images of Jupiter – and finds a mystery in its Giant Red Spot (

Extrasolar Object Interceptor Would be Able to Chase Down the Next Oumuamua or Borisov and Actually Return a Sample - Universe Today

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