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Friday 21 May 2021

This week in space: An interview with DARPA, China's Mars rover, and how to build a space suit with duct tape.....

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From the video store:

Virgin Galactic successfully makes first human spaceflight from New Mexico - 

First pictures from China's Mars rover:


US Space Force missile tracking satellite rides first Atlas V launch of 2021 -


China launches ocean monitoring satellite:


A duct tape space suit?


Earthshine on SpaceX's Dragon capsule:


Orbiting the Moon in real time 

Earth from Space: Los Cabos, Mexico - SpaceRef 



Reading material: 


European startup builds oxygen-making machine for 2025 moon mission | Space

Japanese billionaire, Russian actress to fly to ISS - SpaceNews

The crew of SpaceX's first all-private space mission are training hard... 

Bids for a seat on Blue Origin's first manned spaceflight pass $2 million. 

'Who wants to be an astronaut' offers a spaceflight with Axiom.

Sounding rocket launches colourful high altitude clouds

Bill Nelson pledges action on Artemis, Mars and China in 1st hearing as NASA chief | Space 

A Solution to Space Junk: Satellites Made of Mushrooms? - Universe Today

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